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General Agriculture 10th Edition

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General Agriculture is an exhaustive study in the field of agriculture. The book primarily focuses on the course outline of CSS and PMS examinations. In addition, the book will be of much significance to general readers, policy-makers, students of all the disciplines of agriculture and botany and the candidates appearing for the test/interviews of various agriculture services. This book adequately explains the fundamentals of Pakistan's agriculture and various issues confronting the sector. Yield limiting factors, weeds, pests and diseases of agricultural crops have been fully explained. Modern concepts in nutrient and pest management have also been dilated upon. The book also discusses water scarcity and food insecurity problems. The book was reviewed by Dr. Tahir Hussain, ex-Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

The author holds M.Sc (Hons) and Ph.D degrees in Soil Sciences. Besides, he holds a Masters Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the King's College, University of London (UK). The author is a PSP officer.


Muhammad Akhtar Abbas