The ‘No-Confidence’ show and its Aftermath

No-Confidence motion’s final round would be played out between the opposition parties and the ruling PTI in tomorrow’s fateful session of the National Assembly. It is unfortunate how things have unfolded, it should not have come to this. Mr. Prime Minister should have valued and respected the democratic values and norms. He should not have used street language against his opposition on National Television. No matter how corrupt the opposition is or how rotten the system is, democracy has been evolving and maturing in Pakistan. This would have given him an advantage in the upcoming General Elections where the majority would have realized that he acted maturely and decently sided with power, the way he always propagated he would if he lost the majority of his Parliament.

We already live in a very polarized society where the divide between the rich and the poor, the weak and the powerful, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, etc. has been widening and now we have this divide between the pro-government and opposition at an all-time high to further fuel the divide. We as a nation cannot afford our children and youth to witness such savage behaviour in our Parliament. The lawmakers who were proudly praised when flown-in to pledge allegiance to PM are now hurled profanities when they have switched allegiance once again. Indeed, what goes around, comes around.

Let’s hope we unite as a Nation, the thing which is needed the most at this time. Only then can we hope to unite with others (OIC countries, our neighbours) for a peaceful future. Let’s hope Imran Khan realizes his mistakes and acts maturely to send a positive message to the Nation. Let’s hope this way he comes back stronger than before.